Conference photos



Keynote Paper 1: ‘Yet Was it Human?’: Bankim, Hunter and Victorian Famine Ideology of Anandamath

 Keynote speaker Pablo Mukherjee (University of Warwick), chair Kasia Mika (University of Leeds), respondent Michael Paye (University College Dublin)


Panel 2: Posthumanism, Ecology and Theology

Speaker Rebecca Downes (NUI Galway), speaker Emma Trott (University of Leeds), chair Lenka Filipová (Freie Universität Berlin) speaker Stephen Greenfield (University of Wolverhampton)


Keynote Paper 2: ‘Fox Spirits’ and ‘Stone Maidens’: (Post)Soviet Energy Regimes and World-Ecological Literature

Keynote speaker Sharae Deckard (University College Dublin), chair Sinead Ni Murchu (University College Dublin), respondent Treasa de Loughry (University College Dublin)


Panel 6: The Domestic and the Maternal in Nature: Ecofeminist Analyses

 Speaker Anna Maguire (University of Sussex), speaker Megan Elsh (University of St Andrews), chair Ron Milland (independent scholar, New York), speaker Rebecca Graham (University College Cork)


Keynote Paper 3: The Poet as Genius of the Place?: Reading Habitat and Bioregion in Eighteenth-Century Poetry

Keynote speaker Anne Milne (University of Toronto Scarborough)


Panel 7: Transdisciplinary and Cross-Media Ecocriticism

Speaker Cathy Fitzgerald (independent scholar, Co. Carlow), chair Rebecca Downes (NUI Galway), speaker Ron Milland (independent scholar, New York), speaker Kasia Mika (University of Leeds)


Keynote Paper 4: Natural History, Unnatural Slavery

Keynote speaker Brycchan Carey (Kingston University London)

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