Draft Programme

ASLE-UKI Postgraduate Conference

Locating Ecocriticism: Systems, Methodologies, Contexts

University College Dublin, July 30th-31st 2014

 School of English, Drama and Film, Newman Building, Room J208




30th July 2014


Registration + tea, coffee and pastries



Welcome Address

Professor Anne Fogarty, UCD School of English, Drama and Film

Adeline Johns-Putra, Chair of ASLE-UKI



Panel One: Mapping Chaos and Transformation

Chair: Emma Trott (University of Leeds)

  • Mary Kristen Layne (University of Glasgow) – The Palimpsestuous Landscape: Environmental Entanglement of Present and Past
  • Thue Sebastian (University of Cambridge) – ‘Always the Green Chaos Rather Than the Printed Map’: Chaotic Nature in the Fiction of John Fowles
  • Martin Gleghorn (Durham University) – Grasping the Truth: the Automobile and ‘Transformative Earth Systems’ in the work of Will Self and J. G. Ballard


10.45 – 11.10




Keynote Paper One: Pablo Mukherjee (University of Warwick)

‘Yet Was it Human?’ Bankim, Hunter and Victorian Famine Ideology of Anandamath​

Chair: Kasia Mika (University of Leeds)

Respondent: Michael Paye (University College Dublin)






Panel Two: Posthumanism, Ecology and Theology

Chair: Lenka Filipová (Freie Universität Berlin)

  • Rebecca Downes (NUI Galway) – Thinking Beyond the Subject: Jim Crace’s Being Dead and the Resistance to Ecological Thinking
  • Stephen Greenfield (University of Wolverhampton) – The Ecological Labyrinthine Rings of Middle Earth
  • Emma Trott (University of Leeds) – Jon Silkin: Poetry, Ecology, Religion


Panel Three (Room J207): Waterways

Chair: Martin Gleghorn (Durham University)

  • Louise Chamberlain (University of Nottingham) – ‘The interchangeability/ of frames’: Frances Presley and the Bristol Channel
  • Mika Perkiömäki (University of Tampere) – ‘The Sovereign of the River and the Sovereign of all nature – in the same trap’ Viktor Astafiev’s Queen Fish: An Ecocritical Approach
  • Michael Paye (University College Dublin) – Ireland of the Exclusions: Walter Macken’s Rain on the Wind and the Peripheralisation of the Irish Sea-Fisheries



Panel Four: Postcolonial Ecocriticism

Chair: Kasia Mika (University of Leeds)

  • Kate Huber (Independent Scholar, Oregon) – Dangerous Goods: Critiquing Capitalism through Commodities – Discussing the Material Agency of ‘Things’ in Amatov Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies, Karen Tel Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rainforest, and Leslie Marmon Silko’s Gardens in the Dunes.
  • Lenka Filipová (Freie Universität Berlin) – Place as a Process: An Ecocritical Reading of Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide
  • Isabel Galleymore (University of Exeter) – Linking the local with the global: synecdoche and the poetry of Juliana Spahr
  • Luciano Brito-Braga (Université de Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle) – Denationalising Nature in Contemporary Brazilian Literature


Break 16.30-17:00



Keynote Paper 2: Sharae Deckard (University College Dublin)

‘Fox Spirits’ and ‘Stone Maidens’: (Post)Soviet Energy Regimes and World-Ecological Literature

Chair: Sinead Ni Murchu (University College Dublin)

Respondent:  Treasa de Loughry (University College Dublin)



Conference Dinner at Donnybrook Fair Restaurant


31st July 2014



Registration + tea, coffee and pastries



Panel Five: 10th-Century – 20th-Century Green Readings

Chair: Kate Huber (Independent Scholar, Oregon)

  • Fearghal Duffy (NUI Maynooth) – The Ecology of Early Irish Literature
  • Matthew Griffiths (Durham University) – Symbols in Systems: The Great Chain of Being as Ecology and Poetics
  • Sercan Hamza Baglama (Durham University) – Ecological Consciousness of D.H. Lawrence in Sons and Lovers






Keynote Three

Anne Milne, University of Toronto Scarborough –

The Poet as Genius of the Place?: Reading Habitat and Bioregion in Eighteenth-Century Poetry

Chair: Adeline Johns-Putra (University of Surrey)

Respondent: Emma Curran (University of Surrey)






Panel Six: The Domestic and the Maternal in Nature: Ecofeminist Analyses

Chair: Ron Milland (Independent Scholar, New York)

  • Anna Maguire (University of Sussex) – Systems of Environmental Domesticity: Re-visioning Walden in Jane Smiley’s Good Will
  • Megan Welsh (University of St Andrews) – ‘The Violence of Our Ancestors’: Rereading Frank Herbert’s Dune to Explore the Nature of Ecofeminist Possibility
  • Rebecca Graham (University College Cork) – ‘A Myth of a Mother-Tongue’: Maternal Landscapes in Éilis Ní Dhuibhne’s The Pale Gold of Alaska and Midwife to the Fairies



Panel Seven: Transdisciplinary and Cross-Media Ecocriticism

Chair: Rebecca Downes (NUI Galway)

  • Kasia Mika (University of Leeds) – The Games we Play: Inside Disaster: Haiti (2011) and New Methodologies of Criticism
  • Cathy Fitzgerald (Independent Scholar, Co. Carlow, Ireland) – Modelling an Applied Artful Eco Action Multi-Constituent Methodology from Within a Small Irish Forest
  • Ron Milland (Independent Scholar, New York) – From Theoretical Chaos to Applied Common Ground: An Interdisciplinary Approach to (Re)locating Ecocriticism






Keynote 4

Brycchan Carey, Kingston University London –

Natural History; Unnatural Slavery

Chair: Emma Curran (University of Surrey)

Respondent: Louise Chamberlain (University of Nottingham)



Closing Remarks

Emma Curran (University of Surrey)

Michael Paye (University College Dublin)



Wine Reception (UCD Common Room)





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